5-Minutes Bedtime Reminders for Little Ones

How to utilise this book?

Reading and read-aloud are two different things but both are beneficial for children.

Read-aloud allows bonding, improves child’s vocabulary, stimulates focus also listening skill, and allow your child to connect with books.

Once child reach his/her independent reader’s status, make him/ her read himself and please continue the read-aloud session to them as research has shown that most parents stop read aloud to children who are independent readers thus reduce their interest to books.

What age suitable to use this book?

I would suggest to use this book since infancy. Read aloud to your infant. Even though they still can’t understand the story or values behind it, but he/she will enjoy your companion and benefit from the read aloud session as mentioned above.

Try to read one story per night and make the session around 5-7 minutes only at bedtime.

Why bedtime? Because at this hour their brainwaves are at their most powerful status. Alpha and theta brainwaves absorb all information straight to the subconscious mind. Telling good values and reminding them about tauheedic values will install direct into their subconscious mind which later influence their behaviour.

If your child is an independent reader, let him/her read himself but limit only to one story per night. Children has the tendency to complete the whole book at one go but most kids did not digest the content. Explore and have a brief discussion on the points mentioned in the book.

The most important keys are: enjoy the session, bonding with love and finally, answer the questions with patience.


Dr Anayasmin