Few words from bestseller books author, James Patterson.

It’s never too late to start writing. Just start!


-Work hard—there is no shortcut. He might have up to 50 projects on the go, 13-15 of them being in active mode. You need to put in the hours to complete this workload.


-Read, read, read. Reading helps improve your life and your writing. Encourage young children to read.


-Authors can ‘outdo’ actors. He told a funny story about having dinner with Clint Eastwood and a movie director in an Italian restaurant in Washington one night. A lady came up to their table and asked him for his autograph. Clint Eastwood commented that he “really needed a hit movie quick” after being overlooked by the woman.


The conversation was light-hearted, fun and entertaining. James Patterson came across as both down-to-earth and engaging. #tipspenulisan