10 Ways to use Ziyad & Tiger: Animals from the Quran Book

Assalamualaykum! 🙂

Thank you to our loyal readers!

Keep reading to your children. There are many researchers emphasised on the importance of reading to your children.

To make your reading journey interesting, make it a creative session. Here are 10 ways how you can enjoy your Ziyad & Tiger Adventures: Animals from the Quran book.

1. Quran words search. Refer to the back of the book. Find the ayah and read it with your child. Elaborate more on the ayah.

2. Have a quick quiz with your child. Use the scientific facts from the book. Example: How fast can a horse run?

3. Play SNAP cards games. Draw pictures of the animals mentioned. Make it small, maybe A4 paper folded into eight sections. Shuffle the cards on the floor. Make the animals’s sounds and ask your child to find the match picture. Say the name of the animals when he/she found the cards. Those with more cards win!



4. Have a simple discussion with your child. Elaborate the points mentioned in the book. For example:

  • The story of Habil and Qabil  (from crow’s page)
  • The story of Hira’ Cave (spider)
  • The Darwinism theory (from the apes’ page)
  • The story of prophet Sulaiman (from ant’s page)

5. Go for a trip to the Zoo or even just go outside the house. Find animals or insects around you. Make your child listen to the sound and observe what the animals do. Talk about it!

6. Say the tahmeed, tasbeeh and Takbeer. Explain and show when to use them. Encourage your child to recite it daily. For example when your child amazed of something, remind them to say Subhanallah!

7. Relate the animals to some proverbs. Why the proverbs use the animals as an analogy? For example: A donkey laden with gold is still but a donkey. A crow is never the whiter forever washing.

8. Cut the pictures at the back. Group them based on:- invertebrates vs vertebrates-insects, bird, herbivor, omnivor. Build the food chain from these.

9. Gesture games : you or your child show some of the animals gestures and the others make a guess. Have a fun time with your child.

10. If you are reading Ziyad & Tiger for bedtime, use a torch to make animals shadows on the wall. Test your creativity. make some guesses!

Bonus!!. Drawing games. Asked your child to draw the animals based on Ziyad & Tiger book. Draw on a paper or a board. Make a guess!


Enjoy the books and the bonding!